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Sustainability & Certifications

Sustainability at Rondo is about appreciating the social and environmental impacts on the business, its employees, its customers, stakeholders and the planet we live in.

Our vision is to develop a culture that promotes Safety and Sustainability across all levels of operations. This means consulting with, educating, training, and motivating our staff, contractors and our supply chain regarding safe work practices and environmental responsibilities.

Rondo is constantly reviewing its processes to minimise Rondo’s consumption of energy from fossil fuels and reducing waste to landfill. Rondo is constantly reviewing advancements in technology that could be introduced to benefit Rondo, by reducing annual energy consumption and the amount sent to landfill annually.

Rondo also recognises it’s responsibility in making a genuine commitment to the environment, aiming to achieve and maintain a high standard of environmental care within all areas of its operations.

We are committed to being compliant with all laws, regulations and standards, adopting a consultative approach and communicating openly with all stakeholders on environmental issues.

As a business, we are always looking for ways to continually improve our Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001. We also manage all processes to minimise waste, promote reuse and recycling principles across the operation, and encourage environmental awareness with all Rondo staff and contractors.

Rondo is a member of the Sustainability Advantage program run by the NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water - and has been since 2007.

As a market leader, we have a reputation for uncompromising quality and total code compliance.

What we do as part of this commitment

  • Maintain certification of our Environmental Management System to Lloyd’s register ISO 14001 since January 2011
  • Only use recyclable materials in our products and packaging
  • Recycled steel content in Rondo's product is maximised, without being detrimental to the quality of the product
  • Is a member of the Australian Steel Institute's (ASI) Environmental Sustainability Charter. This allows Rondo customers access to steel credit points under the Green Building Council Assessment, provided 60% or more of material supplied is by Rondo
  • Undertake independent NATA testing for VOC's where applicable and only ever uses E0 or E1 graded MDF in our products

Rondo has been developing a multi-product Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) since 2017. Unlike the majority of EPDs that are produced for one product or a family of products, the Rondo EPD captures the family of products sold by Rondo which are used to create the framing within walls and ceilings.

The Rondo EPD provides to a customer the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data for over 300 products and 53 product families (eg stud, track, clips etc). As Rondo sells products as part of a system, the Rondo EPD will allow the customer to source the LCA data by selecting the required part numbers that make up the system within one EPD. 

The Rondo EPD was certified and made available to Rondo customers in December 2020, click here to view 


As a member of the Australian Steel Institute Environmental Sustainability Charter, Rondo’s business operations are audited annually in terms of our environmental management.

Findings from this year's audit concluded that Rondo has ‘a very solid EMS culture, awareness and commitment’ and that we are ‘demonstrating best practice and well positioned to influence its supply chain as an industry leader’.

Due to our glowing assessment, Rondo was awarded with a “PLATINUM” band achievement, which is a strong indication to the industry of our commitment to environmental performance and our leadership in this area.

The Australian Steel Institute’s (ASI) Environmental Sustainability Charter (ESC) requires members to be independently audited annually. To retain membership, members are audited based on their actions towards improvement and culture change in environmental management of their business operations.

The findings this year concluded that Rondo has ‘demonstrated its firm commitment to environmental management and improvement across operations in Australia. Rondo has continued to undertake environmental improvement initiatives, and demonstrated a strong commitment to influencing environmental improvement.

Proudly, Rondo was awarded with a “PLATINUM” band achievement (2022-2023) for efforts in 2021-2022, which means that Rondo is ISO 14001 compliant, labelled as an industry leader and has met all Charter Commitments.